CMH Community Gallery

Located at Culbertson Community Hospital | 238 S. Congress, Rushville, IL 62681


Andrea Kliffmiller

Artist Statement
I created these portraits in an attempt to address the individuality of people I spend my time with. Faces are an avenue to a person’s uniqueness. By making this body of work I hope to address the layers of relationships between those around us and our place as individuals in this world.

Opening Reception | October 11th    5:00 – 6:00 pm

Exhibit runs from October 11 – November 29.

Sponsored by | Culbertson Memorial Hospital  | 238 S. Congress, Rushville, IL 62681 | Telephone: (217) 322-4321 |


Photographs by Grace Tomlinson

Initially when asked if I wanted to have my own show, I was excited but also incredibly nervous. How would I name a show and have enough photographs representing the work I love that I wanted to display for the public? After minimal searching on my computer, I found the answer to my question. Everything began to flow, and thus Creatures was born. It just made sense. Creatures perfectly represents my love for animals and gives the viewer an intimate and unique up-close glimpse of animals from a perspective at which they may have never seen before.
So, at last, I invite you to look. Experience the colors, textures and expressions that is Creatures.

Artist Bio 

Grace Tomlinson is a Rushville native and college student with a love for all things living. Her passion for photography began at a young age with a point and shoot camera snapping photos of her pets. Over time that passion grew. Her photography gear improved as well as her style and technique. As biology major at WIU with a focus on education—Grace hopes to share her love of nature and creatures with young adults as a career. Grace currently resides in Industry IL with her fiancé Graham Edwards. You can find them assisting turtles across the highway, transporting injured wildlife to rehab centers, visiting animal shelters, and tending to their ever spoiled hoard of house cats. With Grace’s camera often in hand.

Opening Reception | August 9th  5:00 – 6:00 pm

Exhibit runs from August 9 – October 7.

Sponsored by | Culbertson Memorial Hospital  | 238 S. Congress, Rushville, IL 62681 | Telephone: (217) 322-4321 |