Current Exhibition


Schuyler County & Beyond

Photography by Rob Kirkham

Opening November 11th from 7:00 – 9:00 pm


Artist Statement

My granddaughter was born on November 3, seven years ago. At that time I was so disenchanted with the negativity of social media that I almost dropped my Facebook account. Instead I opted for another response. I decided to make my little corner of cyberspace as light as I possibly could. I didn’t want her to grow up in a dark world. I began posting one picture each day. The only criteria was that my pictures would be a source of light, rather than darkness. That was over 2500 pictures ago. During the past seven years I have taken eight photography courses, received some private tutoring, and sat through hours of lectures in an attempt to improve my skills. I added the information gleaned in these to the classes I had many years ago when I began college as a studio art major at WIU. These are a few of the motivations and experiences that come together in my current exhibit. Some of the shots exhibited here are straight, just the way they came out of the camera. Others are composites of literally hundreds of frames. All are shots that brought a smile to my face.

Rob Kirkham

Past Exhibitions


Dan Grossmann

Opening September 16th 12:00 – 6:00 pm


Artist Statement
I have no formal training in painting and I have been struggling most of my life trying to learn how to paint with oils. Long hours in front of a canvas has taught me a few things and I am still learning. My art is not philosophical or political. I would say that my paintings are more of a spiritual expression of awe and thanksgiving to the Creator for his magnificent creation that I am so grateful to enjoy. To those who see my paintings, may my efforts in some small way stir in your hearts a renewed appreciation for the beauty of the land where we are so blessed to live.
Daniel A Grossmann