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Khara Koffel

Artist Statement
Personal stories, anecdotes and memories that I have retained all force themselves into my life in many ways, from the way that I deal with dinner conversation to the way that I create my work.

My current body of work is a process of recollection in which I create objects that retain familiar images which not only relate to my life, but hopefully to that of the viewer while at the same time dealing with the concepts of time and distance. Time is our most precious commodity yet cannot be held, changed or purchased. Time always seems to exist as an extreme. In one instant there is too much, then there is not enough; it flies, it drags, it is given and it is taken away.  It is often sliced into two by a moment that divides into what “was” and what “is.” Distance holds the same conflicts as well as being an incredibly fluid idea – what may be a long distance to one is a short stride for another.

My work evolves from visual stimuli, objects that I see which drag me into my own mind, reminding me of an event, place or person. These stimuli, as specific as a photo of a matronly woman or as obscure as a chocolate candy, force themselves into a conversation with my thoughts in an attempt to not only make an aesthetically intriguing piece, but a connection with the viewer as a stimulator of ideas and memories. This becomes quite the dance, finding symbols that both reflect my personal story yet remain vague enough to apply to a more collective past.

Opening Reception | September 7    6:00-8:00 pm


Artist Biography

Khara Koffel

A native of Pennsylvania, Khara Koffel has been living and working in Jacksonville, Illinois for MacMurray College for the last fifteen years.  In 2003, she received her Masters of Fine Arts Degree in sculpture from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

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