Current Exhibition


An Illinois Portfolio

This exhibit features a mix of art and poetry centered around our State’s beautiful landscape! We are grateful to Western Illinois University for loaning us this wonderful collection in time for Poetry Month in April.

Opening March 2nd from 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Past Exhibitions


18 Preview

We are so excited for our 2018 show line up so we decided to give you taste of what’s to come this year! The 18 Preview show features a selection from each of our 2018 artists. Some work in this show is new, some is old. All of the work is intriguing.

2018 Shows

January/ February       | 2018 Preview Show
March/ April                 | An Illinois Portfolio
May/ June                     | Mark Dierker
July/ August                  | Greg Billingsley
September/ October   | Khara Koffel
November/ December| Jami Park

Schuyler County & Beyond

Photography by Rob Kirkham

Dan Grossmann

Opening September 16th 12:00 – 6:00 pm


Artist Statement
I have no formal training in painting and I have been struggling most of my life trying to learn how to paint with oils. Long hours in front of a canvas has taught me a few things and I am still learning. My art is not philosophical or political. I would say that my paintings are more of a spiritual expression of awe and thanksgiving to the Creator for his magnificent creation that I am so grateful to enjoy. To those who see my paintings, may my efforts in some small way stir in your hearts a renewed appreciation for the beauty of the land where we are so blessed to live.
Daniel A Grossmann