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Jami Park

Artist Statement

While traveling I enjoy looking out my window imagining what I could do if I had time and my camera.  On trips, my first day can be my toughest opening my creative eye then, by the end of the second day I need more time to explore and experiment with my ideas. Some destinations allow me time to plan, but I always surrender to spur of the moment inspiration to see where it leads me. I create images to capture the beauty I see whether it’s amazing color, dark and moody or dramatic clouds. My collection is a representation of my photographic journey over the last five years sharing my love of travel and captivation of our world. Allow me to transport you to a favorite place, to make you smile, or long to travel.

Opening Reception | November 2    6:00-8:00 pm

Show runs from November 2 to December 21, 2018

Artist Biography

Jami Park

Jami Park currently lives in Rushville, IL. When Jami was in fifth grade, she was fortunate to attend a summer camp at MacMurray College. It was a mini college experience where kids chose the classes to attend (some required just like real college).  She selected calligraphy and photography, and a love of art began.  As a child, Jami had a 110 film camera with cube flashes and would save her money for flashes and film to take pictures of family and pets.  Life changes, and Jami had a Canon 35mm film camera after graduating college. She took this camera to Paris on her honeymoon and renewed her love with photography then continued to take pictures of travels, pets and later her son.  The day this camera broke was sad indeed!  Her husband gave her a Kodak digital camera to replace it.  Digital was new, and endless pictures began. Jami decided to take an online class with New York Institute of Photography to learn how to take better pictures of her family, then was so inspired by the course she upgraded her camera and began experimenting with new photography techniques and ventured to new locations with travel classes with Creve Coeur Camera.  Jami continues to travel and explore while photographing the beauty she sees in her surroundings often inspired by clouds and the colors of the scenery.  Jami has exhibited at the Illinois State Fair and received Honorable Mention for “Flat Irons” and third place for “Beale Street.”

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